European app users spent 21% more on apps in Q3 2021

Anne Freer | October 27, 2021

App Business

European app users spent around $4.6 billion on the App Store and Google Play during Q3 2021 according to Sensor Tower, representing a 21% year-on-year increase over the previous year.

European spending accounted for 13.6% of global mobile app revenues in Q3 2021, exceeding $33.7 billion.

By comparison, in Q3 2020 Europe accounted for around 13% of global consumer spending in mobile apps.

The majority of spending was driven by the App Store – $2.4 billion in gross revenues, a rise of 20%. Google revenues grew 23.5% to $2.1 billion.

Overall, the App Store accounted for 53% of user spending in Europe during the third quarter with Google Play making up the other 47%.

In terms of downloads, app stores saw 6.4 billion installs, down 3% from 2020. While downloads on Google Play fell year-on-year, Apple Store downloads remained the same.

The UK drove the highest revenue in user pending at over $894 million, up 21.4%. It was followed by Germany at $839.4 million, up 14.6%.

The UK represented the largest share of App Store revenue in Europe while Germany saw some of the highest revenues for Google Play. Russia saw the most downloads at 1.4 billion installs.

Among the most popular app in terms of revenues were Tinder, Disney+ and YouTube. TikTok, WhatsApp and instagram topped the charts for European installs.

Now over to mobile games, were revenues were 16.7% higher during Q3 2021 at $2.8 billion. Game downloads declined by 3.4% perhaps as a consequence of lockdowns easing.

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