Engagement rates for Instagram carousels are higher than video or image alone

Anne Freer | September 7, 2020

App Business

The average engagement rate for Instagram carousels are higher than single videos and images, according to new research by SocialInsider.

Based on an analysis of over 22 million posts and 2 million carousels, when using all 10 slides, the average engagement rate was above 2%.

Carousels that mixes images with videos saw some of the highest engagement rates per post at 2.33%

Carousels now make up roughly 20% of Instagram posts and boast some of the highest average engagement with the majority of them having two slides (33%). That’s up from 4% in 2017.

Image carousels are the most frequently used (89%) but those.

Around 5% of carousels include messages that aim to encourage users to swipe left at an average engagement rate of 2%.

According to Jenn Herman, a social media strategist:

“If you upload a normal post to Instagram, that post appears in the feed of each of your followers based on the algorithmic ranking for each of them. If a follower scrolls past your post, it won’t resurface for them to see it again. However, if you use a carousel post, and a follower scrolls past the post with the first image, Instagram will show them the same post a second time (only a second time, not more than that) with typically the second photo or video from the carousel. This gives you double the exposure opportunities to your followers and a second chance to connect with them if they didn’t react to your first post image or video.”

What’s more, carousels also attract way comments than normal image-only posts. Indeed, carousels saw 8 comments per posts compared to images (6), but videos attract even more comments (11).

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