Emotion of surprise boosted performance of video ads by 360%

Video adverts featuring the emotion of surprise within the first three seconds resulted in a 360% performance increase during coronavirus-related lockdowns.

In contrast, video ads featuring happy emotions saw a 64% drop in conversions.

That’s according to new research from video ad form VidMob which looked at consumer purchase rates as a measure of ad effectiveness across almost 9,000 ads from 44 eCommerce brands.

As more consumers used their smartphones to view social media content and shop through apps, video ads that featured surprised faces, outdoor settings and women were found to be more effective.

It’s not entirely clear whether ads featuring happy emotions outperformed surprise before the COVID-19 pandemic, but previous studies indicate that some of the most-shared ads have previously focused on happiness and friendship.

With women making up to 80% of purchasing decisions in the US, it’s hardly a surprise that ads featuring them performed strongly during lockdowns when online shopping boomed. Women boosted ad performance by 325% compared to a decline of 41% for men.

Meanwhile, calmer video ads increased purchase rates by 156% during the same time.

And there’s just something about an outdoor setting when you’re locked up inside with purchase rates up 60% for outdoor ads compared to a drop of 57% for those set indoors.

The findings provide interesting insights for brand advertisers looking to boost sales online.

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