Drops language learning app reaches new milestone of 25 million users

Anne Freer | October 28, 2020

App Business

Language learning app Drops has just announced 25 million users and revenues of $10 million.

The iOS and Android app is free to download but Premium subscriptions are available for extended access to features and unlimited time in the app. They cost around $8.50 per month. It boasts some 42 languages to choose from.

What makes Drops stand out compared to other language learning apps is that it offers a gamified learning experience. Users can earn rewards in exchange for learning words.

For example, there’s a five-minute session where users have to quickly answer questions by swiping. Some questions require voice answers.

In 2020 alone the app attracted some 7.5 million users and it plans to reach 30 million by the end of the year.

Revenues were up 13x since 2017 ($719,000).

Debuted in 2015, Drops has been a long time in the making. Co-founder Daniel Farkes told VentureBeat:

“I realized that you need to pick up languages in order to have a decent shot at the global marketplace. I realized that the foundations of language learning are the core vocabulary and building consistency. Language learning is a marathon, not a sprint. You get confidence by learning the building blocks. I couldn’t find a really good tool to build these foundations.”

The app attracted almost a million downloads during its first year and the company now has 23 employees.

Since taking off, the company also launched Scripts which teaches writing of more complex alphabets.

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