DoorDash app launches self-serve ad platform

Food delivery app DoorDash just announced the launch of its self-serve advertising platform for brands.

The tools will allow brands and marketers to reach customers on the app and grow their business.

DoorDash’s self-serve Sponsored Listings are at the core of its offering. These are listing that aim to help local restaurants boost their visibility and generate orders, but merchants only pay when a customer actually places an order from an ad.

“From day one our goal has been to empower local economies by providing access to opportunity,” said Toby Espinosa, Vice President, DoorDash Ads. “Today we are excited to announce the next step in this journey: a flexible ad platform that allows any brand on main street to reach more consumers and grow their business on DoorDash. Sponsored Listings and our suite of ad solutions will help highlight relevant content to consumers at the point of purchase and in turn help brands flourish.”

DoorDash is one of the leading food delivery apps in the US and delivers to over 20 million customers each month.

One company that tested Sponsored Listings is Pizza My Heart.

“We have seen a significant increase in orders and volume across multiple Pizza My Heart locations. It is gratifying to see a true return on investment from the customers who are eager to fulfill their cravings for a slice of comfort,” said its owner Chuck Hammers.

The new ad solutions and promo offers also include banner placements on the DoorDash marketplace and Featured Listings which can be used to promote CPG brands in relevant categories such as grocery or convenience.

As it expands beyond restaurants and into grocery, alcohol, pets and more, DoorDash will be scaling its ad offering to meet merchant demand.

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