Demand for sleep apps increases 104% during pandemic

Anne Freer | March 24, 2021

App Business

With pandemic woes increasing the number of sleepless nights, a greater number of Brits have resorted to downloading sleep apps.

According to data from Uswitch, searches surrounding sleep terms like insomnia or struggling to sleep rose 22% since March 2020, peaking at the hours between 3 am and 4 am.

Insomnia affects around 31% of the UK population.

Sleep programmes like Sleep Cycle and Sleepstation have seen a huge spike in searches. Sleepstation – a six-week online course – saw a whopping 136% increase in demand.

Overall searches for sleep apps rose 104% in the last 12 months.

Apps allow users to track their sleeping patterns and sleep cycles.

Meanwhile, demand for wellness apps like Headspace rose 26% since March 2020.

The app that promotes mindfulness and meditation has been popular with users looking to find sleep guidance.

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