Dating app downloads jumped 18% globally during Q2 2020

Anne Freer | September 3, 2020

App Business

App usage patterns changed dramatically over the course of the first half of 2020, in light of coronavirus lockdowns.

New insights by customer engagement platform MoEngage based on an analysis of more than 150 billion mobile apps globally found that dating app downloads surged during Q2 2020, particularly in Europe where they jumped 15% from Q1.

Worldwide, dating app downloads jumped 18% in Q2 compared to Q1.

Meanwhile, daily active users of media and entertainment apps in Europe rose 6% in Q2, which was higher compared to Americas, India, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia.

EMEA countries and the Americas saw the highest number of downloads for video streaming apps.

Gaming apps saw some of the mot notable growth in India where new active users and frequency of usage rose more sharply than the global average (+12% for DAUs and +15% for downloads).

Similar studies have found that usage of gaming apps rose 75% during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Online shopping brands saw a 15% spike in mobile app downloads during the measured time frame. Growth was highest in Europe at 19%.

The global rise in health and fitness apps was a staggering 46%, driven by India (157%) which translated to a whopping 58 million active users.

Although downloads in Europe and the Americas weren’t as high, usage was strong at a growth of 25% and 21%, respectively.

Unsurprisingly, medical app downloads (e.g. pharmacy apps) rose 39% globally during Q2.

It is not difficult to see why these app categories saw rapid spikes in downloads and DAUs as mobile phone owners spent more time being locked up at home and exploring new ways to spend their time online.

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