Daljit Singh, Director Operations Debut Infotech, Talks Mobile Solutions and IoT

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Posted: February 15, 2016


Daljit has 16 years of IT industry experience in web products and Mobility. Over these years, he has worked for various clients across the Globe like GE (General Electric), EDS (Electronic Data Systems US), HP (Hewlett- Packard) . He is passionate about the new technology and worked on new technologies like NoSQL, Internet of Things & Big Data.


What is Debut Infotech and what is your approach to developing apps?

Debut infotech is a full-scale development firm, which is aimed at providing all round mobile and web solutions to startups and SMEs. We help clients to achieve their vision & providing the measurable business solutions. We believe in delivering a cost effective, reliable and top quality web solutions. Until now, we have worked with a variety of clients and handled them with excellence. Our motto is to provide a complete online solution to mobile and web-based demands of a client.

What platforms and technologies do you work with?

We are working on Open source technologies like Mean stack framework –Node JS , Laravel , Java for web-application development. For mobility , we are using Native Technologies Swift2 for iOS and Java SDK for Andriod. We have also working on Xamarian from last 6 month to develop cross platform apps.

What types of clients do you work with and in which sectors and geographies?

We have worked with many start-ups, SMEs and business sectors such as retail. One of our many clients is an Australia-based mobile app solutions company, SAAVI, for whom we helped in the development for a mobile app for a laundry company. Another client that we had worked is an Indiana-based web solutions company, whom we helped in the development of e-commerce, mobile development, corporate websites and other business solutions. These are just a few of many clients that we have successfully worked with. Currently, we are handling many projects based on the web and mobile solutions for different companies worldwide.

Are there any apps that you have been involved in that you are particularly proud of?

Well, we have given our best in the development of each and every app that we have worked for until now. However, one of many apps that we are particularly proud of is, the OpenKey. It is an internet of things (IoT) project for hospitality. The application allows users to open their hotel lock through the app by using BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technology. Moreover, the app also has a feature that allows users to order different in-house services in the hotel. This product is used by stellar hotels like Marriot, Hyatt Regency, and many more.

What is your typical project size and minimum budget for an app development project?

The typical size of the app development project start from $6,000 and development cost depends on the features and modules as asked by the client. It means that we provide customised packages as per client’s requirement and budget.

What are your main tips for successful app development?

One of the basic requirements that is absolutely lethal in the development of an app is ‘Clarity’. If a client is clear about the idea and imparts it to us in an interactive manner, then the outcome will be much more effective and efficient. Also, the involvement of client throughout the app building process gives another level of energy to the operation and produces better results.

What do you think are the most important trends in app development right now?

Taking a cue from what our clients have also been coming up lately, we believe that the hot selling trends right now are— Wearables, Mobile Enterprise, and Internet of things

What mobile devices do you use?

Being involved in the tech industry, it is important to be connected with the world around the clock. The devices that help me in being much more productive are – Apple iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone, Android tablet, and an Android TV.

What are your favourite apps?

Alright, now that’s a little tough to answer, but going by daily usage, the apps that I can’t function without are — WhatsApp, Slack, and Skype. These communication apps have become an integral part of my daily routine.

What do you think of the Apple Watch?

I think that it is a brilliant smartwatch by Apple, which has been designed in a rather functional manner. However, some of its major functions such as Apple Pay, is still not available in regions such as India. The adaptability of the Apple Watch is pretty high and with an increasing user base, we hope to design an app for its interface, soon enough.

Thanks Daljit, you can visit the Debut Infotech website here.

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