Cutback Coach app raises $3.1 million to help users cut their alcohol habits

Anne Freer | February 1, 2021

App Deals

Cutback Coach, the app that’s designed to help users scale down their drinking, just raised $3.1 million seed funding.

Led by Uncork Capital and with participation from Adjacent, the founders of Fitbit and MyFitnessPal as well as Lyft, the program aims to inspire adults who regularly drink alcohol to cut the habit.

“Alcohol plays a big role in our culture, but until now, the vast majority of solutions have focused on drinkers who are looking to quit entirely.”, said Nick Allen, Co-Founder and CEO of Cutback Coach,“We saw a gap in the market for alcohol health and set out to build a proactive approach to help the 47% of US adults who want to reduce their alcohol consumption, but enjoy drinking and don’t feel the need to quit entirely. Cutback Coach is creating a new wellness category around proactive alcohol health by connecting the dots for people about the role that alcohol plays in overall health and wellness.”

The app as launched in 2020 by Nick Allen and Ian Andersen who realised that few resources existed to help people stick to being sober.

Cutback Coach uses a mindful approach to build better habit. It’s based on behavioural psychology strategies that support users in balancing their drinking and boost their health and productivity in doing so.

At the heart of the program is a 2-way text message system that aims to keep users on track.

In a recent beta test, 29% of thousands of participants were able to reduce their weekly alcohol consumption after four weeks.

“There is a massive, untapped opportunity to help millions of Americans build healthier, sustainable habits around their alcohol consumption. 3 out of 4 of us drank more in the past year as a result of the challenges we’ve collectively faced. An all-or-nothing approach doesn’t work for everyone, and Cutback Coach is uniquely positioned in this unprecedented time to change the conversation about alcohol and healthy habits,” said Stephanie Palmeri, a partner at Uncork Capital. “Nick and Ian bring a powerful combination of empathy, lived experience, and technical expertise to Cutback Coach, and I’m thrilled to join them on this journey.”

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