Curio announces $9 million funding round to boost audio news app roll-out globally

Anne Freer | September 11, 2020

App Business

Audio app Curio which provides access to curated journalism audio articles has just closed a $9 million Series A funding round.

Led by Earlybird, the company plans to use the cash to boost its market position in the US and the UK. It also has plans to roll out to countries including India, Australia and South Africa over the coming few years.

Curio was founded in 2016 by Govind Balakrishnan and Srikant Chakravarti and translates select pieces of journalistic writing into audio content.

In this way, users can listen to the latest news by The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, and Financial Times, but also magazine titles like Wired and Aeon.

“We are here to help people learn through quality journalism and great stories,” explained Balakrishnan. “Curio is a premium audio platform with a curated library of expert journalism. It provides listeners with stories and insights on critical topics shaping our world, helping them learn and grow.

Journalism has come to be narrowly associated with breaking news. However it encompasses thoughtful opinions, insightful analyses and bold investigations. Some of the biggest ideas shaping our world are being discussed by opinion formers on our publisher partners, and offer an unprecedented opportunity for consumers to learn and grow. Audio allows people to go deeper and learn as they go about their everyday lives.”

All articles are narrated by voice actors and presented across different categories. Users can also view the text version.

Among its largest user base are millennials with 60% not being existing podcast listeners.

According to the company, 70% of its users are outside of the US. Meanwhile, 40% are in non-Western markets.

The latest funding round follows a previous $2 million cash injection. To date, the company has raised $11 million.

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