Could Instant Delivery Apps soon replace corner shops?

Anne Freer | November 24, 2021

App Business

A quarter of Brits are now using Instant Delivery Apps (IDAs) that have the potential to replace their weekly supermarket shopping trip.

According to a survey of 1,000 shoppers in the UK by InMobi, some 19% use IDAs at least 2-3 times a month and 35% said that IDAs were replacing their corner shop trips, which demonstrate a remarkable appetite for such apps.

However, consumers still prefer more established brands with 75% saying they would use established supermarket IDAs over newer apps.

Although IDAs are often seen as the apps for millennials and Gen Z, many older consumes were aware of them.

Getir and Jiffy had the highest profiles in terms of brand awareness.

A greater percentage of male respondents (70%) were aware of IDAs compared to females (65%).

The survey also found that those using instant delivery apps were already online grocery shoppers and took the opportunity to switch over to IDAs when it arose.

Price remains the most important criteria when ordering online (19%), followed by convenience and low delivery charges (17%) and the variety of items available (14%).

Going forward at least half of respondents (52%) said they were very unlikely to use IDAs compared to 12% who were (very) likely.

Even if demand is still fairly low, it has sparked some major UK supermarket groups to launch similar services.

However, IDAs remain quite a way off from replacing a trip to the corner shop.

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