Consumers want more notifications from mobile apps in a post-COVID world

Anne Freer | October 2, 2020

App Business

Consumers are demanding more information from apps to stay safe in a COVID-19 world.

According to a study by Sinch, the cloud communications firm for mobile engagement, 91% of consumers would like mobile services to improve so they can continue to avoid crowds and spend less time in-store.

Some 91% want notifications on suspicious activity such as banking while 89% would prefer to know about service outages.

Another 88% said they want to receive notifications about urgent public health care issues, but just 24% said they received such services.

“Global brand leaders have heard the drumbeat of ‘mobile transformation’ for years, but the COVID-19 crisis, and its impact on individual behavior, brings the need into sharp focus. This research shows that these behaviors aren’t going to change, and brands need to adapt accordingly for the long haul,” said Jonathan Bean, CMO of Sinch.

“Customers are now overwhelmingly mobile-first, and they want utility at the press of a button: the ability to reserve, confirm, purchase, cancel, inform, entertain, and seek connections in an intuitive, personalized way. Customers are ready for these kinds of AI-powered conversations across channels on their mobile devices, and brands are in a high-speed race to provide all of these digital interactions … and more.” 

Personalised videos are also high on the list for 73% and 88% want to make an appointment via text or messaging.

Around 52% of respondents confirmed an appointment via text or messaging while 72% would appreciаte to receive reminders about items they left in a shopping cart online.

Personal discounts are already being received by 41%, but 86% say they value this type of offering.

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