Consumers are increasingly using mobile devices to communicate with retailers

Anne Freer | March 3, 2022

Mobile Advertising

Consumers dramatically increased the number of texts and calls they made and received last year, according to new research from CSG. 

The findings also show that retailers are increasingly using mobile channels to communicate with customers. 

Total calls on mobile devices jumped by 290% in 2021 while overall messaging volume quadrupled year on year to 304%. 

Some of what’s driving this trend are customer service interactions (accounting for 50% of customer interaction).

“Winning with customer journeys is quite straightforward: be where your customers are,” explained VP of digital engagement solutions at CSG, Mark Smith. 

“If it’s across six channels, your brand should have a uniquely enticing presence in each, but also ensure you offer consistent value and experience. The goal, especially after the hardships of the pandemic, is to uplift your customer and elevate the experience they have with your brand in the most proactive, predictive and personalized way possible.”

Retailers generally used two digital channels to respond to customers and continued to offer more hybrid checkout and purchasing options. 

“This digital transformation shift is here to stay, and businesses are realizing the benefits of digital communications that are intelligently coordinated, as evidenced by the expanding channel mix and rise in smart notifications,” said Smith.

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