Consumers are creeped out by personalized cross-device ads

Anne Freer | July 26, 2021

Mobile Advertising

Consumers are somewhat concerned about apps that collect their private information for advertising purposes.

Research by Cheetah found that consumers in the US, UK, Australia, Spain, France, and Japan, said they were creeped out by personalised ads (54%) and ads that followed them across devices (66%).

The biggest creep factor were ads following consumers based on location data (72%).

Though consumers understand that it benefits them if advertisers use their data to send out more relevant offers, they still cannot shake off the creepiness factor.

Ads that follow consumers around are particularly problematic.

Meanwhile, a study by Merkle found that personalised ads were useful in so far that they allowed consumers to discover new products (50%).

Yet 44% said they felt invasive.

“I think brands are more open to going back to the idea of contextual messaging, even though we spent several years talking about one-to-one messaging,” said VP of Digitas, Jully Hong. “I do think there should be a bit of a reset in our world. Publishers have information about what content resonates. We’ve come to a place where content and context didn’t seem as valuable because we had all this cookie data, and regardless of where you were, we knew who you were. It wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing to kind of go back to the basics to some extent.”

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