Clubhouse reaches almost 13 million downloads in first year

Anne Freer | March 19, 2021

App Business

Yesterday marked the anniversary of audio app Clubhouse.

The social app has taken the app stores by storm and amassed 12.7 million downloads within its first 12 months.

Let’s bear in mind that sign-up to the app is still by invitation which means that it’s likely there may have been even more downloads.

At the same time, it’s precisely this fear of missing out that has led to the app speeding up its popularity.

In January 2021, the app achieved a $1 billion valuation.

“Clubhouse turns 1 on March 17th, 2021 — the app officially launched on the iOS App Store on Sept 14, 2020, and only 6 months later has seen 12.7 million downloads globally with the US, Japan, Germany, Brazil and Russia seeing the largest footprint. Garnering this level of success from invite-only access and limited to iOS is particularly impressive and has caught the attention of other publishers — particularly those in the social media space like Twitter and ByteDance (parent company of TikTok),” said Lexi Sydow, Senior Market Insights Manager at App Annie.

“Other competitors have seen spikes in demand from rising interest in audio social apps sparked by interest in Clubhouse. Lifetime downloads of Dizhua — first launched in Aug 2019 and particularly popular in China — surpassed 180,000. Tiya launched in July 2019 and has seen 6.7 million downloads globally with the US and Egypt as its top markets. Yalla has been around since 2016, and has garnered strong traction in Saudi Arabia and Turkey — surpassing 35.8 million downloads worldwide.”

According to new figures from App Annie, Clubhouse ranked among the top 10 iOS apps in Brazil, France, Germany, Italy Japan, Russia, South Korea, the UK and the US.

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