Clubhouse launches program to help creators monetise content

Anne Freer | March 16, 2021

App Business

Clubhouse officially announced its first creator program – the Clubhouse Creator First which lets hosts and creators build audience and connect with brands on the app.

The program is a first step toward monetising their content on Clubhouse.

Applications for the program are open until the end of March and 20 creators will be accepted and receive resources to help them expand their audiences.

Clubhouse has been a standout success despite only being around for a year.

Already it has attracted competition from Twitter and Facebook which goes to show just how successful the app’s audio concept has been.

The app recently added link sharing and filtering by language to its features.

It’s also sorted out some privacy issues and no longer asks users for access to their phone books.

The app is still invite-only but already valued at $1 billion.

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