Clubhouse downloads cross 3 million threshold

Anne Freer | February 8, 2021

App Business

Clubhouse, the audio-based social app just hit the three million download threshold, according to data from app experts Appfigures.

The app has been causing waves, for one because it is invite-only, and because celebrities and influencers have already been using it to discuss hot topics.

Still technically in beta, that’s not keeping users worried about missing out from downloading the hotly touted app.

Downloads rose to 158,000 earlier this week. It hit 3.2 million in downloads on the Apple App Store after being available for just four months.

Around 30% of the latest downloads, representing 1.1 million, happened in just 10 days.

And 36% of those downloads came from outside the US, mostly in Germany, followed by Japan and the UK. Combined these markets drove 700,000 downloads.

Turkey, Canada and Italy added another 260,000.

It remains to be seen if Clubhouse can sustain momentum. With podcasts already proving ever more successful, audio social apps may be the next big thing after videos.

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