Clubhouse adds Payments feature to reward creators

Anne Freer | April 9, 2021

App Business

Clubhouse added a Payments feature this week that lets users leave tips for their favourite hosts.

Right now, 100% of tips are being shared with the creators and a welcome addition.

The move follows the launch of its creator accelerator program to pay select creators and provide sponsorship deals and help to establish brand connections.

It’s clear that Clubhouse is trying to keep creators coming and users happy by launching these features as it faces rapidly growing competition from Facebook, Spotify, and co, all vying for a slice of the audio social networking pie.

Although originally, the app had no intention of becoming an influencer-centric app, it’s quickly headed that way as big names like Elon Musk joined Rooms to chat.

The app hit peak point in early February charting to number 21 of Sensor Tower’s US top free iPhone apps chart.

Clubhouse deemed its Payments addition as its first monetisation feature.

Over the year, it’s likely that the company may add subscriptions and sponsored chatrooms.

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