China to introduce way to get around Apple IDFA

Anne Freer | March 19, 2021

App Business

Apple’s App Tracking Transparency changes are meant to make privacy a less pressing concern for iPhone users who download iOS 14.5.

Any apps tracking users will need to be given consent by the users to do so.

However, a new Financial Times report claims that the China Advertising Association, a government-back entity, has developed a way to bypass Apple’s privacy regulations.

This would open the door for companies to continue to track users without their consent.

Dubbed CAID, the technology is already being tested by technology companies in the country and there’s been suggestions that ByteDance (the maker of TikTok) has told its employees to track via CAID where IDFA was unavailable.

Apple hasn’t commented on the development but said that there would be no exceptions to its regulations. What that means for the future and the potential use of CAID is unclear.

If China were to introduce the technology, Apple could still block it from its App Store. But this would likely lead to a much larger confrontation between the technology company and China.

Some experts believe that Apple wouldn’t take such steps.

Others confirmed that the CAID technology was designed with Apple’s regulation in mind.

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