Children’s first banking app Strive launches

Anne Freer | November 4, 2020

App Business

The Strive banking app has been officially unveiled.

The app is designed to teach children how to manage their money and help them save up some cash.

It’s being touted a digital piggy bank that comes with a customisable debit card and marketplace offers that include toys and educational tools.

“We’ve been working with GoSave for a period of time now with some of our clients, and the idea of a youth focused challenger bank kept coming up,” says Ivan Muck, Chief Strategy Officer at Strive. “We see a real gap in the market to build a solution for parents that grows with the child, so it’s not just a debit card, it’s a whole 0-18 proposition that parents can start at any age.”

Parents have full access to their kids’ accounts and can manage their transactions and available cash.

Among the available features Strive provides a savings account, the parent app and the debit card.

It’s a more fun way to help children manage cash for the first time.

Strive will launch a crowdfunding campaign jin the UK over the coming few months to reach its first 10,000 families.

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