Chartboost launches new analytics and engagement tools

Mobile game cross promotion network Chartboost has announced three new tools designed to help developers retain users and drive engagement.
First-up, Chartboost is jumping into analytics, with a post-install analytics product that it says will give developers a deeper understanding of player habits within games, allowing them to track exactly what campaigns are delivering their most valuable players. The new platform tracks bootups, session length, and in-app purchases.
Chartboost is combining this data with a new retargeting solution. This enables tracking and segmentation, letting you segment based on player behaviour within games, target based on device type and previous installs and deep linking to direct players to specific locations in the game.
Chartboost CEO Maria Alegre says:

“Chartboost is committed to providing mobile game developers with the tools and insights to create campaigns that drive high ROI and solve for their in-game business goals. For the last three years we’ve been focused on creating the best discovery and monetization platform for mobile games, so with the release of these new products we’re building more business efficient and robust solutions for mobile game developers looking to engage, retain and grow.”

The company also announced ‘Newsfeed,’ which is an in-game messaging tool that’s built specifically for game developers. Devs can use Newsfeed to deliver updates, new feature announcements and promotional messages to players. The messages pop-up in a slide-in banner and persistent feed, rather than via push messaging, which Chartboost says is commonly “dismissed” and forgotten by players.
All of the new tools are currently in beta, but developers can sign-up and use them for free from today. Head over to the Chartboost site for more info.

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