Carmen Lumina, Managing Director at Bitterstrawberry Talks Mobile Advertising

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Posted: July 12, 2017

Carmen is a results-oriented professional with more than 10 years combined experience in performance-based advertising, customer service, mobile user acquisition, business development and online marketing. As the Managing Director of, for more than 4 years, she takes pride in building a successful business and structuring one of the most efficient teams off the ground, forming and maintaining strong business alliances and strategic partnerships with key industry players. Always interested in the next big thing, Carmen is easily approachable and she finds her motivation in thinking beyond the current existing market, seeking opportunities and solutions out of the current scope.

What is BitterStrawberry and how are you positioned in the market? is the ultimate mobile traffic tracking, optimization and monetization tool. We are combining in-house technology, full-stack researchers, veteran affiliate marketing experts and a wide variety of mobile offers from a dozen of verticals available worldwide. Our mission is to constantly improve and make sure we bring to our clients literally every single service available to them on the mobile market.

What types of clients do you work with? 

We work with both parts of the trade: advertisers and affiliates/publishers/media buyers. We started out with large companies, and now we’ve grown enough to easily handle small businesses and pretty much every type of client interested in making a profit from mobile advertising. We welcome everyone and don’t discriminate on size, content or vertical.

What geographies are you focused on and where are you seeing the most growth? 

We have a portfolio of over 12000 direct singular offers from a variety of verticals available worldwide, covering all payout models, exclusive deals and unlimited capping. More than this, we are testing hundreds of new offers daily with our own traffic and deploy in average 200 new offers daily. So we convert 99.9 % of your mobile traffic worldwide.  Regarding the development of different markets, we did notice that the Asian markets have experienced more growth in the past few quarters. But with the rise of IoT devices, we expect these to become marketable and, soon, the entire market will expand in a new wave.

What are your main tips for successful mobile advertising?

There are 3 Key areas where publishers should be focusing in 2017 and beyond: Speed/Performance, User Experience and the quality of their content.
Make sure you choose the right verticals for your traffic and make sure you target your ads correctly. Always be on the lookout for new tech gossip and trends. Right now, everything you do must be user-centered, before anything else. Retargeting gives you the chance to communicate to prospective new customers, as well as narrowing down your niche as far as you can.

What problems do you see on the advertisers’ side of the mobile advertising equation?

In all these years of experience, we’ve learned that bots and general traffic fraud is not a battle, but a long and ever-evolving war, which will not stop very soon. We believe this is the major problems advertisers face daily, not just in the mobile advertising equation, but overall.
According to digital analytics provider comScore, 36% of online traffic is suspicious or non-human, and fraudsters targeting search ads are often looking to target the most popular keywords with the highest cost per click (CPC).
In case of CPA, Affiliate fraudsters use bots to direct qualifying traffic to affiliate sites. Then, by employing cookies to track that traffic, if anyone makes a purchase, the fraudster is able to siphon away the commission from the actual affiliates. The Russian Methbot Scam is just the tip of the ad fraud iceberg. It’s estimated that those hackers have generated $3 to $5 million daily in revenue and up to 7.5 billion$ in total.

What are the biggest issues publishers are facing these days?

Direct publishers are struggling with their search ranking and content. With social media in the picture, publishers that don’t have a strategy integrated on their sites are losing grounds fast. According to eMarketer, 65% percent of social media users from ages 18 to 24 consider information that’s shared on social networks when making a purchasing decision.
As usual, the ones who don’t adapt to the change will vanish with time. And you, as a webmaster, NEED to adapt to this change as fast as possible.
69% of digital marketing spending is going to content creation – because quality content is what prospects and customers want. Also, people from various countries react to specific kind of content, so publishers should learn to understand what users appeal for and publish content that triggers targeted interest.

What is your bullet-proof recipe against mobile fraud?

Most anti-fraud systems rely on application logs as the main source of information. Logs only record certain transactions performed by the user, but they do not capture the full user behaviour, which is essential for effective detection and prevention. It’s the little things that make a BIG difference in being effective. And because we pay attention to all these details, has a proven record of immediate effective results.
Besides the solid partnerships with major mobile carriers and big traffic sources, another unique feature that our platform has to offer is the technology behind it. At the core of our offer distribution system is a mobile device-level fraud prevention technology, in-house developed, that is analysing affiliate behaviour and patterns, by mirroring and filtering in real time, without any delay in traffic redirect.
This unique tool gives us a better understanding and insights on the mobile traffic, such as country, carrier, connection type, device, operating system, browser and time, but also other info that help us understand affiliate fraud profile, such as IP pattern, session time, proxy/VPN, duplicate users, incentivized traffic, duplicate IP, user agents, cookie dropping and fingerprints. Fraudsters attempt to target specific countries based on the potential payout they can get. For example, countries with the highest cost-per-install and cost-per-action payouts have a higher fraud rate, while regions with relatively low payouts — including Indonesia, India, Brazil, Vietnam, and Thailand have a lower rate of fraud.
Our system can filter and drill down to each individual conversion and our dedicated performance team analyses the data 24/7. If there are any suspicious increases on certain traffic targets or suspicious sources, we send that traffic to different pre-landers that verify the fingerprint and the pattern. Our machine learning system and repeated testing can take that number down to a mere 2-3%, while delivering the best results on the market!

What kind of people work with you in the team at BitterStrawberry? 

As a startup, our concept was not to create a corporate environment, but a welded family, with diverse backgrounds, experiences and personalities. We always look for talent, people who can make a difference and not just turn up for a job and passion for technology, creativity & success is what brings us together in one happy 100+ family members.

What mobile devices do you use personally? 

Well, we work in tech, so we need to stay connected 24/7. My smartphone is my best friend, sometimes also the tablet, which helps me to shorten the never ending to do list that keeps getting longer. ☺

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