BuzzFeed joins TikTok and Snapchat in launching creator rewards fund

Anne Freer | June 22, 2021

App Business

BuzzFeed launched a creator program that will award monetary compensation for creators depending on their page views.

The Summer Writers’ Challenge is paying up to $10,000 for community articles that go viral

Compensation ranges from $150 for articles with 150,000 views to $10,000 for those with over four million views.

These articles typically aren’t overseen by BuzzFeed editors and until now they hadn’t received any payments in return.

It’s a similar move to Snapchat and TikTok. Both apps have previously launched creator competitions to entice their growing communities to share more content.

YouTube even set aside $100 million in payouts for top-performing videos.

As the name suggests, it’s unlikely that BuzzFeed has any intention to pay for creator content beyond summer, but it may be launching these initiatives on a recurring basis if all goes well.

Maybe BuzzFeed will be making its community hub more social by getting people to interact more heavily with one another.

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