Brand risk for mobile video ads drops in UK

Anne Freer | October 19, 2021

Mobile Advertising

It seems that brand risk continues to decline across programmatic video. Brand risk on mobile web video decreased 4.1 percentage points from 6.3% in H1 2020 to 2.2% during the same period a year later.

However, the study by Integral Ad Science found that brand risk across display formats remained high during the period rising by 0.1 percentage points. A breakdown of UK brand

Overall the risk associated with mobile web video programmatic buys fell 3.6 percentage points to 2% in H1 2021.

It’s evident that the industry has been making an effort to reduce offensive language and fake news across media. The risk of controversial content appearing alongside ads dropped from 11.1% to 5.4% for mobile web display.

However, 36.1% of mobile web video ad impressions were flagged for hate speech and violence.

“It’s interesting to compare brand safety risks to those of a year ago, when we were all navigating the unforeseen circumstances during the pandemic and a rise in misinformation,” said Nick Morley, Managing Director, EMEA, at Integral Ad Science.

“The distinct reduction in brand risk this year suggests that industry stability is resuming, with confidence increasing towards video ad inventory as the economy recovers. The improvement around misinformation reflects the industry’s commitment to supporting high-quality media outlets and publishers. More generally, we believe the move away from a blunt approach to brand suitability towards a nuanced contextual strategy means advertisers won’t inadvertently miss positive opportunities to interact with engaged audiences.”

The report also found that viewability on mobile web video rose from 72.5% to 74.9% which was similar to desktop.

73.5% of mobile web video ads remained in view to completion.

But display ads on mobile saw their viewability rates drop slightly to 69.2% (from 72.5%).

Interestingly, mobile app display ads noted the biggest drop in impression remaining in view – from 24.5 seconds to 18.12 seconds in H1 2021. It shows that advertisers now must engage audiences faster than ever before.

At the same time, ad fraud remains a concern, but it was lower in the UK compared to the global average. In fact the UK had the second lowest level of ad fraud rates in mobile.

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