The Best Websites, YouTubers and Forums for Unity Developers

Christopher Reynolds | December 2, 2014


It’s no secret that Unity has become the dominant platform when it comes to game development, powering thousands of titles released on the App Store and Google Play. In fact, over 50% of the top grossing mobile games in the US were made with Unity and Unity-powered games are enjoyed by over 600 million gamers, according to the company’s own stats.

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The internet is therefore awash with tutorials, video guides, forums and paid courses to help budding Unity developers and seasoned pros looking to expand their knowledge. But rather than scour the web for the best content yourself, why not let us do the hardwork for you? Below you’ll find a round-up of the best websites, YouTube channels and community sites for Unity development. These resources should help both beginners and experienced developers . If you think we’ve missed anything get in touch and let us know.

Unity YouTube Channels

Are you a visual learner? Then check out these YouTube channels for hours upon hours of Unity development tutorials.
Unity (Official) – The official YouTube channel for Unity. Features a mix of content, including a few tutorials, developer interviews and game previews.

Pushy Pixels – Great collection of Unity tutorials under the Cooking with Unity brand. Regularly updated and loads of content.

Quill18Creates – Another great Unity channel on YouTube. There’s loads of stuff covered, and regular updates. Mainly focused on Unity 3D.

UnityKnowHow – Not been updated in a while but there’s still lots of good content here for beginners.

Brackeys – Covers game development in general but has a number of video series on Unity development. Well worth subscribing to.

TornadoTwins – YouTube channel for Dutch game developers TornadoTwins. Unity tutorials mixed in with dubstep tutorials. Worth checking out.

3DBuzz – Quite a lot of videos on Unity 2D development and 2D development in general. Regularly updated too.

BrentM (2D simple) – Not much content on this channel, but there is a nice series on creating a simple 2D game in Unity for beginners.

How to Build Games – Only a few videos, but potentially useful if you’re starting out in 2D Unity development.

Hatzynx – Not been updated for a while but lots of Unity 2D stuff here.

Video tutorial from the PushPixels channel

Unity Websites and Blogs

Here you’ll find tutorials, tips, blogs and sites that offer structured and paid courses for Unity developers.

Learn with Unity (official) – The official Unity learning hub. This should be your first stop for tutorials, communities, live training and all kinds of cool resources.

Unity Wiki – The Wiki for Unity. Lots links to tutorials, projects, tips and tools.

Ray Wenderlich Tutorials – Popular site for a range of development tutorials. Great series on using Unity 3D for iOS. Scroll down the page to find it.

Learn Unity 2D – As the name suggest, website that’s focused on 2D development. Covers video tutorials and has a blog that posts notable 2D Unity games.

Unity3D Student – Hasn’t been updated in quite a while, but there’s still a wealth of video tutorials and structured lessons.

Catlike Coding – Catlike Coding’s series of Unity tutorials for both beginner developers and more experienced devs.

WalkerBoyStudio – Unity coding course from developers Walker Boys Studios. Provides a structured course to follow and a certificate for completion.

Digital Tutors – Paid development tutorial platform. Prices start from $29 per month for around 2000 courses.

Mobile App Developers

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CGcookie – The Unity section of the CGCookie network of paid tutorial sites. Expect to pay around $14 per course, or you can sign-up for $18 per month.

50 Tips for Working with Unity – Round-up of quick and dirty tips from Dev Mag. Lots of other good content on the website too.

Burgzergarcade – A collection of great tutorials here, covering GUI basics, 3D menus, and lots more.

Design3 – Paid tutorials offered by developers Design3. There’s also a few free lessons you can check out.

Unity3DIY – Blog that features regular updates on Unity news, tips and tutorials.

A live training video from the official Unity website

Unity Forums and Communities

Sometimes you’ll have a question that isn’t covered in a generic guide, so check out these forums and communities where you can get expert advice, read-up on the latest Unity news and vent all your Unity-related frustrations.

Unity Forum (official) – The official Unity forums. Loads of subfolders here broken down into graphics, multiplayer, and physics.

Unity Answers – Official answers site from Unity. Ask all your Unity questions here.

/r/Unity – The general sub-reddit for Unity. However, it’s not that active. You’re better off on Unity3D or Unity2D subreddits below.

/r/Unity3D – The sub-reddit for Unity3D development. Ask questions, post news and upvote away.

/r/Unity2D – Same as above but for Unity 2D development.

/r/Unity_Tutorials – Looking for the latest tutorials? Check out this sub-reddit. Regular updates.

Unity Ninja – Unity-focused forum. Relatively active. There’s forums to show off your projects and seek team members.

ArmedUnity – Unity forum featuring community blogs and projects, as well as showcase, help and other subfolders.

AutoDesk Unity Forum – The Autodesk sub-forum that focuses on Scaleform/Unity development.

Brackeys Forum – Forum for the Brackeys tutorial site. Very active but not purely Unity-focused.

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