Bee7 and Vserv announce partnership to help with monetization challenges in India and Southeast Asia

Peter Keung | April 14, 2015

Mobile Advertising

Bee7, the discovery and cross promotion tech developed by Outfit7, and smart data mobile marketing platform Vserv, have announced a partnership that aims to help solve mobile games monetization in India and Southeast Asia.
Making payments for games and in-app features has been notoriously difficult in these markets due to weak payment infrastructures. At the same time, India’s smartphone adoption is growing fast. The country is predicted to become the second largest smartphone market worldwide, having grown 51% in 2014 alone. Southeast Asia exceeded $1.1 billion in mobile gaming revenue last year, according to the Newzoo Southeast Asia Games Market Report.
Combining Bee7’s game wall tool and Vserv’s app monetization solution VMAX, the partnership simplifies the process of monetization for developers worldwide, pulling in demand from varied channels under a single solution.
Prashant Dixit, VP Global Data & Supply Partnerships, Vserv, says:

“Vserv’s latest offering, VMAX, is a trusted friend to game developers as it helps them maximize their yield. VMAX enables these incredible results by providing developers complete control, maximum demand channels and wide range of ad formats. Our partnership with Bee7 is a step further towards our commitment in solving monetization challenges for developers in India & Southeast Asia. By combining Bee7’s unique game wall tool with VMAX, we are providing a powerful app monetization solution to our developer friends.”

Further, Vserv’s developer ecosystem of 150,000 apps and mobile sites, unlocks an opportunity for developers to grow user retention and yield optimisation in a fragmented Android-dominated market.
John Rankin, Managing Director, Bee7, says:

“As global CPI costs continue to soar, developers look to emerging markets as a new revenue opportunity to help make their games profitable. It’s been incredibly tough for developers to make money in these markets, until now. The Bee7 and Vserv partnership unlocks these markets for developers – arming them with a proven method to make money from games and improve player retention without disrupting the all important user experience.”

As part of their partnership, Vserv and Bee7 plan to share their knowledge of emerging markets and advertising strategies and technologies at co-hosted events in the future.

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