Battle Passes used by 60% of top grossing US mobile games

Anne Freer | June 13, 2022

App Marketing

Mobile games are some of the most competitive apps which means that app developers are constantly looking for the most effective monetisation methods. But which are they exactly?

A new report by GameRefinery found that Battle Passes, Gachas, IAP offers and progressive IAP are among the most effective monetisation tools. 

Battle Passes feature in around 60% of US top 20% grossing mobile games, but just 14% of games outside of the highest ranking ones. 

Yet, they are some of the most effective monetisation methods in F2P titles.

Battle Passes work in most genres by engaging players in a progressive manner; rewards are given for playing and reaching milestones. They are also good value at a low price point, making them one of the core elements for a successful free-to-play game.

The study also found that Gachas dominate the market with 75% of the US market’s top 20% grossing games featuring a shop with Gacha mechanics while 49% feature five or more types. 

In Japan, the percentages are even higher at 93% and 55%, respectively. 

IAP offers which are special in-app purchase discounts and bundle offers are some of the most established monetisation feature with almost all top-grossing games in the US including at least some limited-time IAP offer. 

The trend is similar in Japanese and Chinese mobile gaming markets. 

Progressive IAP rewards gradually increased over the last two years with around 23% of top US titles using IAP rewards while only 9% of games outside of the top 20% use them.

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