Bangladesh mobile operator launches MobiReach mobile advertising platform

Anne Freer | June 21, 2016

Mobile Advertising

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Robi, the Bangladesh mobile phone operator, has just rolled out a new digital advertising platform to focus on mobile ads. MobiReach is the first of its kind in Bangladesh. It has been created to enable businesses to reach customers using real-time mobile campaigns.
MobiReach campaign tools
MobiReach enables advertising clients to discover their audiences based on algorithms that ensure users are targeted at the right time. It also features consumer insights and multi-channel engagement.
Digital campaigns through MobiReach come in three different ways. Clients can either send SMS to their desired audiences through integration with Robi. This offers some significant reach and potential customers.
In addition, MobiReach offers voice adverts that are auto-triggered when a customer picks up a call. Missed call alerts, bill pay services and other notifications can also be employed by placing text ads into SMS.
Among the company’s growing client base are notable names including PRAN RFL, Unilever, Lifebuoy, Pizza Hut, A&W, Swapno, Partex Furni, Prime Asset, SINGER, Amin Jewellers and others.
The move is part of Robi’s plans to take mobile advertising to the next level.

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