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Partner Post - Avazu - A Self-serve Mobile Advertising Platform

Posted: April 11, 2016

Today, Avazu Mobile DSP has run across the globe. With her innovations in design, passion for running, and the pursuit of self-breakthrough, she has created a new route for global traffic and    serve her global clients better constantly. As the industry innovator,she keeps going and never stops taking actions.
Recently, Avazu mDSP has gained 8 premium traffic platforms besides the original 30 platforms to serve our global clients better. The new global traffic source consists of RhythmOne, Buzzcity, Octobird, EngageBDR, Epom and the new Chinese traffic source are Adview, GDT, Adpro and ZPLAY. Moreover, Avazu mDSP has optimized the cheat system better to improve the traffic effect, and offer our clients more available high-qualified traffic constantly. As a result, the whole advertisers can quickly direct more users accurately with lower cost.
Avazu mDSP also launches a powerful function:Avazu mDSP PAX(Private Ad Exchange) newly despite of the new traffic platforms, to provide technical solutions for mobile traffic monetization, which has realized the function of bidirectional selling and monetization for the vast sources while offering traffic to advertisers.
The clients could register as the agency of Avazu mDSP and connect with their own source directly. According to connecting the API which Avazu mDSP has offered, the clients can sell their traffic of sub sources to other clients on our platform.
What does Avazu mDSP PAX bring to you?
1. CustomizingRegistering as the agency of Avazu mDSP, which allows to use white label, customize Logo, page and domain.
2. Connecting Quickly and EasilyProviding API to make selling traffic in real-time in the shortest time possible by CPM and etc.
3. Diversifying The Traffic Selling:
a.Selling traffic to more that 7000 advertisers on our platforms.
b.Inviting advertisers to bid their own traffic and the whole traffic of 38 platforms directly.
4. Optimization And Varied SettlementReal-time revenue report will help monitor ad requests, impressions, clicks, conversions, fill rate, RPM, revenue and other data and Optimize precisely, support paid monthly.
5. Diversely Connecting And BidingFollow up support JS SDK, advertisers could buy traffic through CPC, CPA.
According the new additional traffic and the monetizing function of PAX,  Avazu mDSP will offer a“Top-up Promotion”for global clients who have been supporting us for such a long time. The  bonus will be $300-$6000, and the whole traffic are available which have been connected (excluding the clients who have participated in the Facebook Ads Campaign). The more you recharge,the more bonus you will get.
The specific details are as follows:
DateApril 1st 2016-April 30th 2016
RemarkDuring the activity, it will be based on  single top-up amount of Bonus instead of accumulating. Each account can enjoy different levels of rebate each time separately. All final interpretation rights of the activity will be reserved by Avazu mDSP. If you need know more, please send e-mail to mdsp-support@avazu.net.

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