AudioMob partners with AWS to deliver new in-game audio ads

Anne Freer | November 30, 2021

Mobile Advertising

AudioMob has just partnered with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to launch a series of new in-game audio ads to its demand side platform for mobile game developers.

The partnership follows AudioMob’s Series A funding round in which it raised $14 million to bolster its product offering.

In-game audio ads are a lot less intrusive than other formats because they don’t tend to interrupt mobile game play.

AudioMob delivers in-game audio ads with banners while users play their game. Users can then click through to a landing page or an app if they choose to.

By collaborating with AWS, the company is confident that it can achieve its in-game audio ad vision more easily, building on the AWS stack and hosting the user interface and providing the content delivery network in one.

“We’ve deliberately built privacy-first adtech that places contextuality at its core. This approach allows for the ‘best of both worlds,’ letting ads find relevant audiences without utilizing personal data,” the company said in a release.

The company now serve audio ads to some 40,000 games at an impression rate of around 370k per day and a 1,000% increase in click-through rate compared to banners

Advertisers can leverage the new format to reach users based on age, gender, location, language, mobile device, and mobile carrier through our Ad Platform. The process works as follows: ad slots open in games and are filled in a fraction of a second, as multiple advertisers make a bid for the opportunity to connect with a player. This makes a Content Delivery Network essential, as our audio content must reach the end user in any location defined by our advertisers without delay.

AWS provides the necessarily background tools and services to boost performance of the ad format.

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