AppTweak scores $22 million in Series B funding round

Anne Freer | April 6, 2021

App Deals

AppTweak, pioneer and leading App Store Optimization (ASO) platform driven by data science and trusted by the largest apps and games, announced today a $22 million investment in Series B funding from early investor Media Groupe Rossel.

It comes at a time when the app business is booming and a growing number of developers are looking for ways to boost the presence of their apps across stores.

Optimisation for mobile games can result in a 34% improvement in visibility, but it’s not a one-off process, but rather an ongoing investment.

AppTweak hopes to use the cash injection to extend its international presence by launching new offices in the APAC region as it faces multiple challenges in managing relationships with partners globally.

The company was founded in 2014 to improve App Store optimisation and now has offices in Brussels, Bengaluru, Tokyo and San Francisco.

It noted a revenue growth of over 950% between 2016 and 2019.

AppTweak provides developers with access to optimisation tools, app and marketing insights and clients like Amazon, Jam City, Zynga, HBO Max, Adobe, and Yelp.

The company tracks some 3 million keywords each day.

“The track record of AppTweak is impressive. We are convinced that this investment will allow AppTweak to become a worldwide organization, and develop the best ASO tool for apps and games.“ Bernard Marchant, CEO of Rossel. 

“Today marks a big milestone for AppTweak. We are ready to accelerate growth worldwide and expand our services. With offices in Brussels, San Francisco, Tokyo and Bengaluru, we aim to open at least two or three new locations this year and plan to build a global presence in the next three years. We are very excited to take this journey with Rossel who has supported us since the early stages.” Olivier Verdin, co-founder and CEO of AppTweak.

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