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Business of Apps | March 15, 2013


Our friends over at AppLift have some useful info about How to Stick Out with Appstore Marketing that you might be interested in as they continue to walk through some of the options available for both Discovery (getting people to your page on the appstores) and Conversion (getting people to download once they have hit your page).  They’ve got some info on Appstore optimization covering both Google Play and the Apple Appstore.
How to Stick Out on the Appstores? 
Standing out from the crowd concept
AppLift cover a number of tips including:
Appstore Search

  • 63% of people use Appstore search to discover new appss
  • Title is the key driver of search positioning – make it descriptive within the 12 character limit
  • Use single words on the IOS keywords function and focus on the long tail using a keyword optimisation tool
  • For Google play keywords are even more important – use Adwords or Google suggest for ideas and focus on phrases not single words
  • Google Play allows modification of keywords on the fly so you can use seasonal or trending words and then change later


  • A border can make it look good on any background
  • Make it simple, aligned with the game or app and make the key elements ‘pop out’


  • Focus attention on the first screenshot on iOS – that’s the first element in the funnel
  • Use landing page tools like Atmio and Sparkpage to A/B test altenratives


  • Put 80% of your time into the first bit of the text that sits ‘above the fold’ 
  • Show ‘social proof’ by including press mentions, awards and review quotes
  • Use the ‘what’s new’ section to highlight the most attractive elements of your recent update

You can read the full post over at the AppLift blog.

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