AppsFlyer launches ad spend tool for better budgeting

AppsFlyer, the mobile attribution company, just rolled out a new cost aggregation product for more complex data mapping.

The aim of Xpend is to make it easier for marketers to gain an oversight of fragmented cost of measuring their campaign efforts.

Xpend covers all of a marketer’s spending data from any source and provides insights on budget goals, and ad spend optimisation.

“Over the past few years, we’ve worked with thousands of customers and partners measuring tens of billions of dollars in ad spend through our cost aggregation product. Everything we learned was used to create its next generation – Xpend,” said Gal Brill, General Manager – ROI360, AppsFlyer. “We see this product as part of a holistic approach to help our advertisers and partners keep their marketing stack working seamlessly. “Providing aggregate cost data via APIs has become more important than ever before. Through years of experience working with performance marketers, we’ve built Xpend to solve the data aggregation and normalization challenges that marketers face today. AppsFlyer is well known for providing reliable and accurate attribution data; tying in cost is only a natural next step.”

Previously, marketers had to manually enter their weekly spending reports for various sources into a single spreaddsheet. Xpend provides a single dashboard overview instead.

It also combines privacy-focused attribution with aggregating data cost through direct integration with APIs of partner networks.

“There are hundreds of channels and ad networks, multiple sources that have tens of thousands of campaigns and millions of keywords and creatives. As data is limitless, keeping track of it all can be a massive challenge for marketers and apps developers” said Gal Ekstein, General Manager EMEA and LATAM, AppsFlyer. “Adding currencies into the mix creates an additional level of information that needs to be analyzed efficiently to produce actionable insights. Xpend enables marketers to easily access this data in one marketing platform, seamlessly tying attribution and cost.”

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