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Posted: May 16, 2016

There are amateurs and professionals, leaders and followers. What accounts for the difference between the two factions? The dividing line is drawn through knowledge and understanding, which is only made possible by the right tools. After all, trailblazers look for more than a path to follow. They go after the ultimate tools and guides, which will lead themselves and others to success.
The same is true for ad monetization experts. To optimize revenue, you need a tool that provides for the utmost analysis and control. That tool is Appodeal Segments. With Segments, you’ll reach the core of your user base to create magnetic and dynamic divisions, which propel your ad monetization strategy to success.
Mobile app users segmenting
What are Appodeal Segments? How do segments work?
Segments are divisions of your user base, which share commonalities such as age, sex, location, interests, income bracket, etc. There are several ways to segment users into groups including the use of demographics, in-app behavior or engagement analysis, interests and personal profile data, and location.
Once user segments have been created and the settings have been applied, they can then be analyzed and used to offer targeted, relevant ads.
What are the benefits of Appodeal Segments for publishers?
In conjunction with Insights, Appodeal Segments offer publishers a greater analysis of user behavior and more control over what is served, when it is served, and who receives it. They provide publishers with an increased understanding of their audience, allowing them to determine which ads work (and don’t work) for their user groups through the use of segment and placement settings.
The benefits of our segments are numerous, but here are some of the highlights:

  • Ability to meet needs/interests of user groups
  • Increased profits
  • Targeting of high-value users
  • Deliver personalized ads
  • Ability to work more efficiently to manage user base
  • Higher engagement and retention of users
  • The use of settings to customize the publisher’s experience and assist in reaching monetization objectives

Settings in Segments
We have two types of settings available. The first, segment settings, are applied before the ads load and persist from the SDK initialization until the app is closed. The second, placement settings, are applied to each individual ad impression.
Segment settings

  • Disable Ad Networks

With this setting, publishers can disable ad networks they are not interested in using. This may be done for testing purposes or to disable low-performing networks.

  • Minimum Pricefloor

This setting allows publishers to set up a price floor for each ad type. Ads with an eCPM below the specified pricefloor will not be filled. It leads to a decrease in fillrate but increase in eCPM. Publishers may use this setting to avoid showing cheap ads as not to annoy users.

  • Override eCPM

The eCPM set in this segment setting will be used for the network position in the waterfall. It replaces the automatically calculated eCPM used by Appodeal by default. Publishers may want to use this setting if they have a deal set up with an ad network for a guaranteed eCPM.
Placement settings

  • Disable Ads

This setting disables ads for the specified placement. Publishers can test which ads in each placement perform the best, allowing them to disable ads for low-performing placements.

  • Disable One Or More Ad Types

This setting works in the same way as the “Disable Ads” setting but for specific ad types. Publishers can test which ad type performs the most optimally in a specified placement (e.g. interstitial or non-skippable video) and then, disable low performing ad types.

  • Reward

The reward setting specifies the amount and type of currency that is returned in the “onRewardedVideoFinished” callback for the rewarded video shown in the selected placement. It can be used to change the reward given to the user without updating the app.

  • Impression Period

Publishers can set the impression period between two ad impressions for the selected placement. If the show method is called when the impression period has not passed, ads won’t be shown. This setting may be used to determine the best period between two consecutive ad impressions.
How to Use Appodeal Segments
Appodeal Segments allow you to separate your user base into groups based on distinct parameters. You can create different settings for these groups and view their respective statistics in Insights.
How to Create a Segment

  • Open your Appodeal dashboard and go to Segments.
  • Click “Add new.”
  • Enter a name for your group. Ex: Test.
  • Select your Match rule: ALL or ANY.
    • ALL: User must match all of the rules you select to be a part of this segment.
    • ANY: User must match one of the rules you select to be a part of this segment.
  • Select Platform (Android or iOS).
  • Select Rules and choose your rule(s) from the drop-down menu. See example below.
    • There are several rules available in Appodeal Segments.
    • Examples: Country, OS version, apps installed on device, session count, average session length.
  • Next, select the app you want this segment to apply to by clicking on its name from the drop down menu.
    • You may select multiple apps.
  • *If you would like to use custom settings, you can select between Int, String, and Bool.
    • For example, if you create the custom setting “user_finished_tutorial” and select true, this segment will only apply to users who have finished tutorials.
  • Use Segment Settings to disable ad network, set minimum price floors, and/or override eCPMs.
    • The disable ad networks option allows you to disable certain networks for this segment.
    • With the minimum pricefloor setting, you can set a pricefloor for each ad type.
      • For example, if you input 0.1 for banners, banners with an eCPM less than 0.1 will not be filled.
    • If you have a special agreement with an ad network to pay a fixed eCPM, use the Overridden eCPM setting, so the eCPM is not set up automatically by Appodeal’s system.
  • Define the placement settings. You can choose from:
    • Disable Ads
    • Disable One or More Ad Types
    • Disable Ad Networks
    • Reward
      • Set up a reward to give to users who watch rewarded videos. Ex: 20 coins for a complete viewing of rewarded video.
    • Impression Period
      • Regulate how often you show ads without changing your integration.
  • Save your segment, and you are ready to use Appodeal segments.

And so this is your step-by-step guide for how to use Appeal new Segments feature, if you want to know more about Appodeal programmatic mediation company and its team visit their website.

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