Apple upgrades developer tools with QR codes and short links

Anne Freer | October 7, 2020

App Business

Apple has given its App Store marketing tools a bit of an upgrade. App developers can now benefit from custom tools like short links and QR codes.

Short links and QR codes can now be used to redirect customers to an app product page on the App Store.

In a very brief announcement, Apple wrote:

“Take advantage of new marketing resources to promote your apps around the world. You can now generate short links or embeddable code that lead to your App Store product page and display your app icon, a QR code, or an App Store badge. Download localized App Store badges, your app icon, and more.”

To make use of the features, developers simply head to the Apple landing page, search for their app and then create the codes and links they want.

Luckily, QR codes are somewhat customisable with colours and options for various icons.

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