Apple to ban apps that offer rewards for enabling tracking

Anne Freer | April 30, 2021

App Business

Apple published new guidelines as part of its App Tracking Transparency framework that stipulate the company will ban apps that offer monetary rewards for enabling app tracking.

In its Human Interface Guidelines, the section on Accessing User Data now clearly states that:

“There are several prohibited custom-messaging designs that will cause rejection. Some examples are offering incentives, displaying a screen that looks like a request, displaying an image of the alert, and annotating the screen behind the alert (shown below).”

Apple does allow developers to create custom alerts that tell users what the tracking is being used for.

But these messages must be simple and only contain wording such as “Next” or “Continue”. It should not use the word “Allow”.

Developers will have their apps rejected if they withhold functionalities on the basis of permission.

In addition, using images is also prohibited as part of the pre-alert.

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