Apple rolls out App Store Search tab ads

Anne Freer | May 6, 2021

App Marketing

Apple has launched a range of new ad slots for its App Store which sit below the Search tab.

Developers can use the ads to promote their apps atop the suggested apps when a user searches for an app.

Search tab ads can be used to turn customer attention to promoted apps before they view their results.

The new advertising format is part of Apple Search Ads Advanced.

The ads feature the name of the app, icon and subtitle.

As with search results campaigns, Apple says that there’s no minimum spend so that even smaller developers can make use of the feature. Campaigns can be started, stopped and adjusted at any point in time.

Daily caps on spending can be set to control overall budgets.

Apple also revealed that the pricing was designed around cost-per-thousand-impressions and advertisers set the maximum they wish to spend. Actual costs are then determined via a bidding process and are also adjustable.

Ad impressions are counted at 50% visibility for one second.

Apple provides performance insights via the Campaign and Charts dashboards.

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