Apple pre-installed apps rated for the first time – Mail and News are nobody’s favourites

Anne Freer | October 4, 2021

App Business

With Apple finally allowing iPhone users to rate pre-installed apps, it seems News, Calendar and Mail are everyone’s least favourite apps.

According to AppsFigures, the first 10k ratings from users show that among the 28 pre-installed apps, the average app rating was 3.4 stars, ranging from 2.2 to 4.1 stars.

It’s still early days but Translate was the lowest rated app at just 2.2 stars with around 700 ratings.

News performed a tad better at 2.3 stars while Calendar scored a 2.7 ratings and Mail 2.8. Podcasts did also not perform too well at 2.9 stars.

Music and Maps accounted for 28% of ratings in the last two weeks since the feature was enabled.

The apps that performed best in terms of average user ratings were Contacts, FaceTime and Tips.

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