Apple launches subscription offer codes

Anne Freer | September 4, 2020

App Business

Apple yesterday announced that it would soon roll out subscription offer codes.

App developers can use the codes to acquire, retain and re-engage existing app subscribers through unique offers.

The codes can be used to give users free or discounted subscription offers.

The developer announcement states that the codes will be available for iOS 14.

It’s not entirely clear if earlier version of the operating system are getting the codes, but it’s likely.

In a more detailed breakdown on offer codes, Apple revealed that the offer codes can fall into one of three categories: free, pay as you go or pay up front.

Using a code, a subscriber could access an app’s service for free for a specific duration after which an auto-renewal starts at a renewal price set by the developer.

It’s likely that many app makers will opt for free subscription codes because they allow users to try an app before they buy it.

Pay as you go codes could be used to offer subscriptions at a reduced rate of say $1.99 per month for three months and $9.99 thereafter.

The up front option is great for offering a one-off reduced fee, for example $9.99 for six months with a renewal price of $39.99.

Developers can set customer eligibility from the App Store Connect. All codes expire after six months and users can only redeem one code per offer, but could redeem multiple offers for a single subscription.

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