Apple IDFA presence highest on shopping apps

Anne Freer | August 20, 2021

Mobile Advertising

Over half (67%) of iPhone users are now using iOS 14.5.

As part of the upgrade, apps must ask permission from users to track their activity via Apple’s ID for Advertisers (IDFA).

This has impacted mobile advertisers globally as new research from PubMatic shows.

Users tend to opt into IDFA to get a better advertising experience. But despite opt-in rates growing, users on iOS 14.5+ have around 30% lower IDFA presence than users on previous operating systems.

People opted into IDFA tend to get 2.4x the eCPMs that non-IDFA iPhone users get.

Meanwhile, shopping, automotive and business apps had some of the highest IDFA presences at 79%, followed by games (75%) and health and fitness apps (74%).

The app categories with the lowest IDFA presences were education (19%), food and drink (26%) and personal finance (45%).

PubMatic also noted that advertisers are shifting budget to Android as a result of the changes to Apple.

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