AppFollow launches new tools to drive insights to improve app performance

Anne Freer | June 4, 2021

App Marketing

App management platform, AppFollow, has introduced a range of new product updates including a Semantic Analysis 3.0.

Keywords are useful to improve app ranking in organic search results on the App Store and Google Play.

The AppFollow ASO tools lets marketers access organic visibility of their app relative to competitors and the industry.

The updated tool includes new limits on how many keywords clients can track. Free plan users can track over 1,000 keywords while those on advanced plans can track 3,000 and those on the Pro plan 9,000 keywords.

“At the moment, the market is growing rapidly and we always try to follow these changes, as well as our users’ changing needs. Increasing our clients’ keyword limits brings us one step closer towards making ASO tools even more accessible to all categories of users,” said Ilya Kukharev, Head of ASO at AppFollow.

“We are confident that these measures will positively affect the development of the market, allowing companies and specialists alike to grow and scale. By providing our users with the maximum number of keywords per budget, we’re delighted to help move the industry forward and allow all marketers the chance to try ASO tools in action – absolutely free of charge.”

The new version of the tool includes improved categories logic and more accurate tag naming. Tags have been updated to include more information about audiences and product quality.

AppFollow also added Demographic Analysis to its tools which provides access to in-depth information and app statistics broken down by language and country.

It also added Smart Alerts so that users can receive notifications on Slack, Telegram or via email based on the rules they set up.

“AppFollow’s new reviews notification has been one of our key features since the company was founded. We have constantly been expanding this feature, and now, based on user requests, our team has worked hard to create a unified solution to notifications – with flexible customization of rules and the ability to set up notifications from a single window,” said Vlad Shishkin, Product Owner, AppFollow Integrations.

“Smart Alerts are available in the Pro plan, and a free trial of the functionality is available to all AppFollow users. By the end of the year, we plan to add support for new notification channels and the ability to create notifications from scratch based on data available on the platform.”

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