AppFollow launches latest platform version making it easier for app developers to extend reach

Anne Freer | October 7, 2021

App Marketing

AppFollow, the app management platform, just launched the new version of its AppFollow 7.0 on Product Hunt.

The latest suite of tools helps developers to scale their apps and reach a greater number of users, optimise reviews and see additional product insights.

The platform now includes an option for segmented and organized product insights, infos on customer sentiment, response automation for reviews, and competitor reach and performance analytics.

It allows users to gain a clearer picture of what competitors are doing too.

“Competitor analytics allow users to break down the strengths and weaknesses of their competitors. Compare discovery provides competitive insights on digital performance – to identify worldwide industry leaders, benchmark store performance, and find out organic market share,” said Ilia Kukharev, Head of ASO at AppFollow.

It’s a way for app developers to access all their campaign and growth insights from a single dashboard.

“Compare feedback’s primary goal is to analyze the competitive landscape based on customer feedback and user experience. The upgraded Organic Traffic Dashboards means you’re kept aware of everything connected to your app’s organic performance in the store – all the primary Organic UA metrics – from one page,” Kukharev added.

AppFollow now has 1.2 million apps and tracks over 9 million keywords. Around 700,000 replies are made through the platform each month. It has some 200,000 users across 140 languages.

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