AppFlood increases its China RTB demand with Bidstalk partnership

Papaya Mobile’s AppFlood has plugged mobile Demand Side Platform Bidstalk into its China-focused Real Time Bidding exchange, allowing the DSP’s customers to deliver campaigns into the Far East.
Bidstalk, which launched its white label DSP solution just six months ago, claims to be processing more than 10 billion advertising bids per day. The company says it’s seen a “significant increase” in demand for Asian inventory from its ad partners and its partnership with AppFlood should hopefully address that need.
Asia – and China in particular – is one of the key growth markets for developers looking to expand their business on the cheap. But it’s also a nightmare to navigate. Companies such as AppFlood have therefore taken the this opportunity to streamline access to Chinese users via RTB platforms (indeed, AppFlood claims it’s the first RTB exchange to link-up China to the rest of the world).
Chris Hanage, AppFlood general manager of EMEA, said:

“China has some of the most successful and fastest growing mobile and lifestyle brands in the world, and they are focused on expanding into new markets through mobile advertising. At the same time, China’s 700 million smartphone users are an untapped market for Western brands and companies. By partnering with Bidstalk, we have not only increased AppFlood’s global reach, but Bidstalk’s customers will now be able to deliver truly global campaigns thanks to our ability to connect than to this rapidly growing Chinese mobile audience.”

The Chinese market is only going to grow in importance for western devs, with the iPhone performing strongly in the territory ever since its launch on China Mobile. Of course, running a user acquisition campaign in China requires more than just a decent RTB exchange partner, you’ve also got a whole host of localization issues to content with. For some in-depth advice take a look at our comprehensive guide to marketing your app in China.

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