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James Cooper | March 11, 2013


If you’re an app developer or mobile marketer then you should check out the new blog from our friends over Appflood.  The Mobile HQ blog is covering the mobile app business with a unique perspective – that of one of the new breed of mobile app promotion and monetization platforms coming out of the Asian market.  Appflood has come out of the Asian social developer platform Papaya Mobile so the team over there can offer a view of the market that you simply don’t get from the usual Silicon Valley/ US or European mobile ad startups.  Over the past month or so Appflood has been covering a range of different issues on the blog including:

Here’s a brief run-down of some of the stuff they’ve been covering – check out the Mobile HQ blog for the full info


Get your App into China

According to Appflood – China simply can’t be ignored any longer as a mobile app market despite historically low ARPUs and other issues such as piracy as it’s now the number 1 market for active IOS and Android devices with nearly 250m connections – ahead of the US at around 200m.  But how can mobile app developers penetrate this massive, but difficult to access app ecology?

So developers really need to get a foothold in this massive app ecology but how?  Appflood provide a few tips including:

  • Localization – translate your app into Mandarin using a specialist company or free app translation platform like Ackuna
  • Great content – Chinese consumers like the same sort of things as other users – No.1 app is Plants vs Zombies … so if it works in the West it can work in China
  • Go Free – paid apps are quickly pirated in China with up to 42% of Chinese IOS devices being jailbroken and 17% of apps copied or pirated
  • Ad-supported business models – in-app purchase models can have 50% to 80% lower LTVs in China and Android doesn’t yet easily support in-app purchase – so use a Chinese-friendly mobile ad network such as Appflood which shows localized ads in Mandarin
  • Stick to the major appstores – there are lots of appstores operating in China on Android but the main ones are run by China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom

You can read the full article over on the Mobile IQ blog.

Top Mobile Ad Networks

Appflood have a nice list of mobile ad networks based on the 100 + competitors that they track in the app monetisation and promotion space.  The guys have released a blog post including their top 50 networks along with some comments on each one including their own App Cross Promotion Network. There really are a lot of mobile ad networks out there so having this type of contextual information is really invaluable.  The list includes:

  • ad networks specialising in different areas such as Android, IOS, Tablets, mobile video and more
  • networks covering a range of markets and niches across the world

Big companies are spending over $500,000 to improve App Store ranking

One of the things you realise working in mobile appstore marketing is that it’s sometimes hard to work out what’s really going on in the market. That’s why this post from Appflood on companies buying ‘boost marketing’ in the appstore is so useful – it gives you the insider knowledge on what’s really happening in the market.

The key points covered in the article include:

  • app ranking optimization can take an unknown app to the top of the rankings in two or three hours
  • app ranking companies typically take a 30% cut of the profits of higher ranking
  • app ranking is impacted by a range of factors (not just downloads) including daily active users (DAUs), conversion rates, no. of accounts and more
  • big clients are spending $500-600k per month to achieve top rankings
This is exactly the type of info that’s useful – finding out what Chinese app promotion companies are up to is absolutely invaluable if you want to understand the status of the market in 2013.  You can read the full blog here

Navigating the Mobile Ad Network Bullsh*t

When you’re trying to find out what a mobile ad company does it can often be hard to tell from their website.  The industry has become so full of jargon – hardly surprising when new techniques and technologies are emerging so quickly, but difficult for when you are trying to understand what’s really going on.  Appflood provide some useful ‘insider tips’ to help you decide which ad network you should be working with including:

  • test out their responsiveness and customer service – how quickly to they respond to emails?
  • what do the back-end analytics look like and can they track installs, impressions, actions etc?
  • what’s the average eCPM, how much revenue does the network take of the total?
  • how many installs can you expect to see per day?
  • what ad formats do they offer?
  • is server-to-server based tracking supported?
Running their own mobile ad exchange gives the Appflood and Papaya crew a great insight into what’s really going on behind the scenes in the ad industry so it’s worth listening to their advice. You can read the full list of tips over at Mobile HQ.

Meeting up with Appflood
If you like what you’ve heard here and want to talk more then give Appflood a shout at these upcoming events.  For meeting requests you can email

  • Game Developer Conference in San Fransisco March 25-29th in booth 142 – stop by for a free t-shirt when you mention this blog!
  • Ad Tech San Fransisco – April 9th-10th at the Moscone Centre in booth 2553

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