App uninstall rates were 70% higher in 2020

Anne Freer | February 2, 2021

App Business

In 2020, apps lost about $57,000 per month because of uninstalls, marking a 70% increase over uninstall rates in 2019.

That’s according to new research from AppsFlyer.

Uninstalls are common with one in every two apps being uninstalled within just 30 days after download. But until now, the financial damage of it was less well-understood.

Based on an analysis of 2,000 apps with over 5,000 non-organic installs per month, the study highlights that the rise in uninstalls between 2019 and 2020 was mostly driven by shopping apps where uninstalls were up 31%.

Meanwhile, the cost per install rose by 35%. Finance and social app categories ranked second and third for highest uninstalls.

But developers can from measuring the number of uninstalls. By understanding why and when they happen, they can optimise and manage their apps more effectively.

“From a product perspective, the prevalence of uninstalls speaks to the need of ensuring a flawless onboarding experience. It is hardly enough to bring the right users to your app; you must also set the stage early, creating higher chances for quality engagement,” AppsFlyer wrote.

However, just a quarter of apps are currently measuring uninstall attribution.

The study also found that customers were twice more likely to delete apps from Android devices than iOS.

Gaming apps saw some of the highest uninstall rates, with almost 3 in every 5 gaming apps being uninstalled within a month.

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