App Promotion Summit: MobPartner on Developer/Publisher relations, Q&A

This post is part of our series of articles from the App Promotion Summit 2013, taking a closer look at the event’s speakers and bringing you the key points from their talk. Click here for a round-up of more App Promotion Summit coverage
MobPartner is one of the leading mobile affiliate platforms out there focusing on performance campaigns and user acquisition. The network runs its own in-house platform and unique tracking tools. During the App Promotion Summit 2013 we caught up with SVP of sales & marketing Cristina Constandache, for a highly informative chat on how developers can get the most out of their relationships with publishers.

App Promotion Summit: MobPartner Q&A, Cristina Constandache, SVP Sales & Marketing

IMAG0514_2_1Mobyaffiliates: What are your key takeaways from the APS conference?

Cristina: There seems to be a common understanding that in order to run successful mobile marketing campaigns you have to test, analyse, scale it up and build long term partnerships. There are no miracle formulas and no magic numbers. Advertisers needs are different and the strategy they employ as well as the partners they use should reflect just that.
It seems everyone is coming back to the issue of app quality also?
Yes, but you can’t control the quality unless you have tested and analysed the results. So focus on the quality but quality can mean different things to different people. First of all understand what quality means for you. Hire a good analyst before you do anything else and choose your partners accordingly.
You talked a bit about loyalty between developers and publishers during the panel – can you expand on this?
Everyone is talking about building the next steps after the burst campaign, but nobody is talking about placing the advertiser – not the app – at the centre of app promotion and app marketing. Because, if you are a game developer and you are doing your job correctly, then you are probably going to have other games. So you want to build a loyal publisher database who are going to be promoting your next games or apps – not only whatever makes more money now.
Consumers are very fickle and they switch as soon as  there is a new hot game on the market. The same thing goes for publishers. If you don’t build loyalty with your publishers in the early days, then how can you expect them to push your new game, or apps as opposed to whatever has the highest ecpm?
Best way to build loyalty?
You need to work with partners that will build a bespoke longterm strategy at advertiser level. A partner that will listen to the publisher feedback, understand your needs and make sure all parties get the best out of the collaboration. Flexible payout structure at publisher level, dedicated creatives, special promotions for the top publishers, incentive schemes for the mid tier partners – dedicated attention at publisher level will earn you the loyalty of the traffic partners.
This is how you are going to build up loyalty. Publishers care about three aspects in priority: Ecpm’s, exclusive offers and their user database. You can’t give them the game or app exclusively. We know that. But if you’re able to provide assets just for them, they’re going to promote you as opposed to your competitors  because they know they can count on you in the long term. Because this gives them loyal users and they can offer something to their users that does not exist anywhere else.
What should devs be looking for in a partner?
They should be looking for a performance based partner with a step by step approach, analytics and feedback & recommendations for a long term collaboration.
It might sound like a recipe for a cake but networks know their traffic and they have immense knowledge of the market from the sheer volume of advertisers and publishers they work with.
Push your network to work hard for you: start small, have them understand what works and then push them to scale it up by engaging more with the publishers on your behalf. A partner that can offer quality control, multi country / sector and vertical approach will be in the best position to make mobile marketing for you in the long term
There’s a lot of talk about OS fragmentation from developers, but this seems not as important as developers think?
Yes definitely. There is no formula. It makes no sense to have 40% iOS, 30% Android and 30% everything else. You just have to see what works and – according to what works – you have to go out there and get more of it and test.  Test and fail and then after that you are able to go to the next level. But be careful that there is no magic number with regards to how much you have to pay.  You can pay 50 cents or you can pay ten euros – it doesnt mean anything. You have to adapt your investment according to the ROI.
What are the common mistakes you see devs make when they come to you?
They come with pre-conceived ideas, such as “I don’t want incentives” or “I don’t want media buyers”, etc, etc. As mentioned earlier, networks know their traffic. Explain to them what you want to achieve and let them come back to you with a strategy that fits their publisher database
So keep an open mind and don’t say that “oh my competitor is paying 0.50 cents” so I should pay that as well. You’re competitor might be paying that, but it’s because they can afford to pay it and it makes sense for  them. Our job as your partner is to make sure you get the best ROI from our network with the assets you put at our disposal so our recommendations will be to that end, rather than apply a one size fits all solution. After that you have to let us know per traffic source what works, so we can adjust the rate for you and can monitor the quality going forward.

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