App location opt-ins highest during pandemic lockdowns

Anne Freer | August 6, 2020

Mobile Advertising

Location sharing opt-ins reached their highest rates in years following COVID19-related lockdowns.

That’s according to new data published by Airship, the consumer engagement company, based on mobile app behaviours of over 750 million people globally.

Location opt-ins jumped 10.7% each month at a 39% growth rate between March to June 2020 while rates had generally declined 2.5% in recent years.

While global active mobile app audiences increased over 30%, average app opens declined 28.5% to 17.6% app opens per user by February. However, rates reach recovered from March to an average 22.6 app opens per user.

Average app opens increased across all regions measured with the biggest gains seen in India, Romania, Mexico, Japan and Brazil

“The pandemic has brought unparalleled change to everyone and further cemented mobile as the center of our lives for in-the-moment information and streamlined conveniences to manage through this extraordinary time,” said Brett Caine, CEO and president, Airship.

“With location opt-in growing to its highest rate in years, and both Apple and Google carefully reviewing apps and providing consumers less specific and more temporary ways to share it, it’s clear that more people are experiencing the value of sharing this information with apps and brands they trust.” 

Retail apps saw some of the most notable opt-in rates across 12 verticals at 23.1%. Categories including Medical, Health & Fitness (+150%), Finance & Insurance (+128%) and Travel & Transportation (+116%) even doubled their average location opt-in rates.

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