App Annie rolls out SDK Metrics for better mobile insights

Anne Freer | July 20, 2018

Mobile Advertising

App Annie, the app analytics and market data platform for app developers, has just launched Software Development Kits (SDK) Metrics, which allows mobile advertising sales teams access to mobile SDK and market data for improved leads.

Prospecting and pipeline generation can be difficult without the right data. That is why ad sales teams are in need of improved mobile insights and app data.

Specifically, SDK Metrics allows sales teams to analyse SDKs installed in apps, e.g. ad attribution, ad mediation and platform SDKs, to monitor which apps are running user acquisition campaigns.

Teams can also measure revenue opportunities based on advertising budgets, user growth and ad strategy for advertisers. Revenue prospects can then be prioritised by determining the number of ad attribution SDKs, downloads, revenue, active users and shared impressions.

App Annie has also added a complete view of the SDK ecosystem for clients to compare their market share to competitors. The option allows detailed insights into which ad platforms may be losing or gaining publishers.

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