App-ads.txt adoption increased 79% in 2020

Anne Freer | March 11, 2021

Mobile Advertising

The adoption of app-ads.txt rose 79% in 2020 across the leading 10,000 Android apps and 77% across the top 10,000 iOS apps.

That’s according to new research from Pixalate, based on an analysis of over 5.5 million apps.

App-ads.txt and ads.txt were developed by the IAB in order to promote transparency in programmatic advertising.

The newly released data highlights that 13% of Google Play Store apps now have app-ads.txt, which is a 6% increase over Q1 2020. That corresponds to around 500,000 Android apps.

On iOS, the number is much lower at 7% of apps or 125,000.

The ad fraud rate was 31% on apps without app-ads.txt compared to 22% on app-ads.txt for Android (35% and 21% on iOS, respectively).

App-ads.txt adoption was seen among 24% of gaming apps on Android and 22% of gaming apps for iOS.

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