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Business of Apps | April 22, 2013


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We’re delighted to be co-producing an exciting new event in London on July 11th all about Mobile App Marketing – The App Promotion Summit.  We think the topic of mobile app promotion needs a dedicated event to debate the key issues given that it’s the single most important challenge facing mobile app developers and marketers.  Typically mobile app marketing gets a short slot within the agenda of a larger, more general mobile conference which just doesn’t do the topic justice.  Our Manifesto is set out below.  You can check out more details over at and stay in the loop via twitter @apppromotion.   We’re interested in hearing from potential speakers and sponsors so get in touch.
If you want to attend you can register here – we have a limited number of early bird tickets available.

Our Manifesto

There are now 780k active apps in the Apple Appstore and at least 620k in Google Play. So getting noticed is harder than ever and distribution is the biggest challenge facing the mobile app industry:

“Distribution is much harder on mobile than web … You need to master the ‘download app, use app, keep using app, put it on your home screen’ flow and that is a hard one to master” Fred Wilson, Union Square Ventures
“Why we’re pivoting from mobile first to web first…. At best, we retain 5% of users through the entire onboarding process I believe this is the primary reason that mobile is failing”Vibhu Norby, Origami Labs

For those that succeed the rewards are enormous as a growing mobile user base results in higher appstore placements and virtuous circle of user acquisition. However, breaking through requires mastering one or more of a range of channels including:

  • Mobile Advertising and Media Buying
  • Appstore Optimization (ASO)
  • Cross Promotion and Exchanges
  • App Reviews, Press and PR
  • App Discovery Services

Established online marketing strategies such as SEO are no longer relevant in the mobile app ecosystem and channels such as paid advertising also require working with completely new traffic sources and approaches. As a result, a new generation of mobile-native marketing platforms has emerged to deliver solutions for app distribution and discovery. The App Promotion Summit brings together developers, media companies, app studios and brands with the mobile ad networks, cross promotion exchanges, platforms and agencies that can help them succeed in mobile app marketing.
Issues to address

  • Appstore SEO – How to do Appstore Optimization
  • Beyond the Appstore – App Discovery Services and Cross Promotion
  • Mobile Advertising – how to bring down your CPI and deliver high quality users
  • Analytics – tracking and managing your metrics
  • Engagement – turning downloads into MAUs and DAUs

Together we can solve the mobile app distribution problem and grow the mobile app industry.

The App Promotion Summit – Manifesto by mobyaffiliates

We’ll be releasing more details about this event soon.

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